Prexie Performers is a group of talented young actors and actresses from Washington High School. These actors and actresses put on three shows a year. For the 2004-2005 year fall show, they put on a play called All My Sons. All My Sons is a wonderful depiction of life in the 1940's.

This is the cast and crew of the 2004-2005 Fall show, All My Sons

There names from top left: Mike Andrews, Joel Panion, Ben Miller, Jessica Pest, Matt Ricuppero, Jackie, Megan Engle, Anna Stark, John Frey, Rocky Maffio, Jessica Florian, Megan Brzustowicz, Meredith Gagich, Danette Pemberton, Abbi Niccolella, Jasmine Blussick, Jillian Janflone, Justin Blussick.